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CPR - Literature Review

Alan Dix

Choose a Topic

This can either be:

  1. a sub-area of HCI - e.g. visualisation of the web, user interface access for the visually disabled, mobile interfaces,
  2. some domain that interests you that may need interactive systems or devices: e.g. sports training

In the case of (2) you will need find appropriate literature on aspects of HCI that will be relevant for the domain and if possible find prevoous work on applying HCI to the relevant domain.

In the past everyone has chosen (1) except where the domain has already got a reasonable existing literature (e.g. VR in phobia and in surgery).

Finding literature

I will do a lecture/seminar on this, but to get you started ...

My two favourite online sources are:

Citeseer <>
NEC corporation trawl the net for computing papers:
You can search the database and when when you have found interesting papers you can click through refernces and citations.
ACM digital library <>
ACM is the US computing organisation and many of the important international conferences and journals are ACM published.
You can examine ACM conference proceedinmgs and journals and chase citations within the ACM publications.

Recording literature

Look at the notes on "Other people's work - what they write" at:
This is part of my notes on research and innovation techniques:

Presenting your literature review

I will want two things:

  1. a annotated bibliography as a web page (or set of pages) - that is a list of papers/books other sourecs of informatioin reda wit a short description of the important thinmgs in each (that is the things important for your review which may or may not be the thing that was imporatnt for the author)
  2. a short presentation of thematic issues arising from the literature review (we will discuss this further later)

Note that (1) would be a good example to set up a web database ... Alan Dix