basic UI design- theory and principles

a short course

Alan Dix


lecture plan and links

why – design and commercial context
slides - HTML || PPT (33K)
one-by-one – WIMPish Elements
slides - HTML || PPT (138K)
see also my pages on little things matter! - links to various widget design issues, links and stories.
putting them together – screen layout and design
slides - HTML || PPT (45K)
the big picture – navigation and dialogue
slides - HTML || PPT (97K)
Inxight Software for Hyperbolic Tree - made a complete snapshot of the web asnd donated it to ...
the Internet archive at where you can look at how websites have changed over the years!
AAAI-98 Workshop on Recommender Systems
rainbow – colours in the eye and on the screen
slides - HTML || PPT (66K)
see also which has links to all sorts of aspects of the psychology, technology and sociology of colour
deep within – event-driven interfaces
slides - HTML || PPT (57K)