HCI Education

Alan Dix
Lancaster University, vfridge limited and aQtive limited


Benjamin Disraeli:
A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning
Mark Twain:
Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education

My interest in HCI education
as an educator, teaching courses in various aspects of HCI
as an author of a major HCI text book
as a columnist on HCI Education in SIGCHI Bulletin
as an external examiner on various HCI and multimedia courses

Personal resources

Controversy and Provocation. Keynote at - HCIE2004, The 7th Educators Workshop: Effective Teaching and Training in HCI, Preston, UK 1st and 2nd April 2004
deconstructing the experience of (e)learning for delivery ecologies. Talk at The e-Learning Experience, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, 15th October 2003
abstracts and PPT of my keynote talks on teaching innovation, e-learning etc. at Excellence in Education and Training convention. Singapore, May 2002
my pages on "Techniques for Research and Innovation"
Personal position statement: HCI education and training.
Workshop on Effective training and education for human computer interaction, Eds. P. Gray, C. Johnson and S. Draper, Glasgow, 23rd & 24th March 1998.
part of the panel "Famous HCI Educators Tell All" (!) at CHI98, Los Angeles, 1998
reported in "HCI Education and CHI 98", Marian G. Williams and Andrew Sears, SIGCHI Bulletin 30(4), October 1998.
information on cognitive disability supporting January 2001 SIGCHI Bulletin column

SIGCHI Bulletin columns

May 2003

special times
column and links.

Mar 2003

column and links.

Jan 2003

getting it right

Nov 2002

on the level

Sept 2002

real men do it generously
column and further discussion and links.

July 2002

pride and hubris
column including online links.

May 2002

just-in-time theory
column including resources for jit-theory and usability standards.

Jan 2002

opportunities for change
this column comments on Professor Zellick's elitist remarks reported in Professor scoffs at 'useless' degrees by John O'Leary, Education Editor, The Times, October 3rd 2001, page 13.

Nov 2001

quality matters

Sept 2001

abject failure
July 2001 daffodils for Dewi Sant, lingua franca?
March 2001 principles for design and formulae for creativity
column || bulletin (pdf)
see my notes on research and innovation techniques
also silly ideas

Jan 2001

the right mind?
column || bulletin (pdf)
extra info on cognitive disability
Nov 2000 Big Brother
column || bulletin (pdf)
Sept 2000 hard questions have no answers.
column || bulletin (pdf)
July 2000

just in time - HCI education for those on the e-dge.
column || bulletin (pdf)

Apr 2000 the past, the future and the wisdom of fools.
column || column (pdf)
Jan 2000 imagination and insurrection.
column || column (pdf)
Oct 1999 people and stories, diversity and intolerance.
column || column (pdf)

6th HCI Educators: Effective Teaching and Training in HCI, Edinburgh, UK, 31 March - 1 April, 2003

University crisis puts UK IT at risk , Judith Scott of the British Computer Society warns MPs that "the UK will be starved of new ideas"

The decline of higher education, FT.COM columnist Robert Taylor's view of University education!


UK map of higher and further education, The best single entry portal for the whole UK University and FE sector, provided by Wolverhamptoin University.

IFIP Working Group 13.1 Education in HCI and HCI Curriculum

The Higher Education Chronicle - US electronic magazine
Times Higher Education Supplement - principle UK HE weekly

Past Events
4th workshop on effective teaching and training of HCI, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, April 2001.
HCI-Theory or Practice in Education, Interact'99 Workshop position papers