Covid-19 related working papers

Alan Dix

Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales

These are various working papers, models and other documents related to Covid-19 issues. This page is here to act as a central point for work I'm doing in this area and also to act as landing age for in-progress items.

As the urls and other details of some of these may change, please use this link with the name of the document until the relevant documents published in some other form.

Stable Documents

Talk: Why pandemics and climate change are hard to understand, and can we help? North Lab Talks, 22nd April 2020 and Why It Matters, 30 April 2020 slides and video

Working paper: Impact of Lecture Duration on Infection Rate. 4/7/2020. reponse to Unlocking Higher Education Spaces (V-KEMS Working Paper). Working Paper

Working paper: Covid-19 – Impact of a small number of large bubbles on University return. Working Paper, created 10 July 2020. arXiv:2008.08147 stable version at arXiv | Google doc | additional information

A. Wlide and A. Dix. (2020).Navigating Challenges on Wide-scale Adoption of Video for HCI Education: The HCIvideoW Experience. COVID-19 Case Studies at ACM Learning at Scale (L@S2020), 13th August 2020 extended abstract and video

In Progress

Model: Correcting two-timing effects. spreadsheet to calculate corrections to effective R value when using two timing models. created 10/7/2020. Google doc link

Model: Covid grouping cohort model. spreadsheet model based on generational model of student cohort. created 8/7/2020. Google doc link

Model: Sensitivity to rapid growth of subgroups. spreadsheet model using separate SIR for students and general population and two-timing methods. created 20/6/2020. Google doc link

Working paper: Why pandemics and climate change are hard to understand, and can we help? Notes based ontalk of the same name. created 1 May 2020. Google doc link





image of SARS-Cov-2 virus

SARS-CoV-2 (wikimedia)




Alan Dix 12/7/2020