Books, Bias and other ways to say AI
Vision Statement: Teaching HCI for AI: Co-design of a Syllabus

Alan Dix

Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales

Position paper for Teaching HCI for AI: Co-design of a Syllabus, SIGCHI Italy, 7th July 2020

Download position paper (PDF, 326K)

I am a HCI educator and researcher who has also worked at the intersection of AI and HCI including some of the earliest work on algorithmic bias. Currently I am writing a new edition of an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and wish to bring in a more human-centred aspect to the treatment of the subject.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, machine learning, initelligent interfaces, ethics, bias, explainable AI, social justice, education, appropriate intelligence, alien intelligence, sufficient reason







Alan Dix 3/7/2020