Web Science and Human-Computer Interaction:
Forming a Mutually Supportive Relationship

Clare Hooper1, Alan Dix2,3

1 Culture Lab, University of Newcastle, UK
2 Talis, Birmingham, UK
3 School of Computer Science, Universty of Birmingham, UK

Download draft paper (PDF, 1.24M)


HCI and Web Science are interdisciplinary fields concerned with the intersection of people and technology. So how do they
relate? What defines these fields, how do they overlap, and do they tread on one another's toes? More pertinently, what
strengths do they share? How might they benefit one another?




The original 'Web Science butterfly' [31].
[zoom image]

Web Science 'heat map', showing
discipline presence [18]. Green denotes greater presence, yellow middling presence, red low presence

[zoom image]


The 'HCI + Web Science butterfly'
[zoom image]

The HCI heat map
[zoom image]

Scope of HCI and Web Science (first impressions)
[zoom image]

Scope of HCI and Web Science – scale of human
phenomena vs. kind of technology
[zoom image]

Scope of HCI and Web Science – human scale vs.
methodological stance
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Alan Dix 15/1/2013