HCI education in the time of social distancing


Anna Vasilchenko1 (organiser), Alan Dix2, Adriana Wilde3 and Chris Evans4 (panelists)

1Open Lab, Newcastle, UK
2Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales
3Web and Internet Science research group, University of Southampton, UK
4UCL Interaction Centre, UK

Panel at HCI Summer Festival (virtually) at OpenLab Newcastle, 23 June 2020

Noting the shifts in pedagogical styles that have been needed in times of social distancing, we have been discussing some of the current problems in the teaching community with HCI professionals across the globe, as well as different available solutions. Back in April we organised HCIvideoW, a virtual workshop on video for education, and have been conducting drop-in post-workshop sessions twice a month with a thriving community of 40+ participants.

In this session, we will present some insights on use of video for teaching, learning and assessment, some already discussed with the HCIvideoW peers, and others which we gained through our own research and practical experiences. Thinking about longer-term repercussions to the change that the lockdown has brought upon HE institutions, as well as adapting to institution-wide and accreditor requirements, we will dedicate at least a third of the session time for discussion.

Keywords: HCI education, remote teaching, Covid-19, coronavirus


Video of full panel session









Alan Dix 28/6/2020