Alas I am Undone – Reducing the Risk of Interaction?

slides for short paper at HCI'96

Alan J. Dix , Roberta Mancini & Stefano Levialdi

cite as:
A. Dix, R. Mancini and S. Levialdi (1996).
Alas I am undone - Reducing the risk of interaction?
HCI'96 Adjunct Proceedings. Imperial College, London, pp. 51-56.

Sawing people in half is risky, but so is using a Wordprocessor. Losing an hour's work is not as bad as losing your arm, but is still very annoying. Undo reduces risk and so lots of undo must reduce risk even more. Or does it?

The full paper is also available but is a little different from the slides from the talk:
slide 1 - title
slide 2 - the world is a risky place
slide 3 - Magisoft Wand v.5
slide 4 - Magisoft Wand v.6
slide 5 - beware
slide 6 - summary

Alan Dix 29th August 1996