CSC 355 - Artificial Intelligence

Coordinator: Alan Dix

Staff Involved: Geoff Coulson, Manolis Sifalakis, Hans Gellerson, Gerd Kortuem, Paul Rayson, Keith Cheverst




DRAFT: Some details to be finalised for later weeks

11 Jan 15th&16thAlan DixIntro and Overview
slides: intro || Alan's wot I've done
12 Jan 22nd&23rd Geoff Coulson Scheme Programming and Search Algorithms
slides || slides 6 up (updated 1/2/2007)
13 Jan 29th&30th Geoff Coulson
14 Feb 5th&6th Paul Rayson Natural Language Processing
slides || slides 6 up || practical exercises
15 Feb 12th&13th Gerd Kortuem Reasining, including Distributed Reasoning (plus maybe temporal reasoning)
slides || prolog examples || handout Allen's paper
16 Feb 19th&20th Manolis Sifalakis Emergent AI, Ant Models, Applications to Networking
ALife slides: PPT (3.9M) || PDF (1.3M) || PDF-6up (296K)
Ant algorithms: PPT (2.2M) || PDF (1.5M) || PDF-6up (344K)
Genetic algorithms: PPT (3.1M) || PDF (1.5M) || PDF-6up (416K)
17 Feb 26th Manolis Sifalakis
Feb 27th Keith Cheverst Decision Trees for Ambient Intelligence
slides (PDF, 396K) || Keith's page with links
18 Mar 5th&6th Kristof Van Laerhoven
(guest lecturer)
Artificial Neural Nets
slides (4.3M) || slides 6 up (2.3M)
19 Mar 12th&13th Hans Gellerson ++ Computer Vision and Ubicomp
slides (2.1M) || slides 6 up (923K)
20 Mar 19th Alan Dix (& GC)Group presentations
Mar 20th Alan Dix Wrap up plas a bit of semantic web
slides (28K) || slides 3 up (20K)

Recommended Books

Because we are taking a more application-focused approach, the course will not be covered entirely by a single book and lecturers will give additional reading (web links, papers, slides, notes, etc.) as appropriate. The following are two general AI textbooks, but there are many more good ones out there too.

Russell and Novig cover

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach
S. Russell and P Norvig
Prentice Hall
ISBN 0-13-103805-2
amazon link

One of the Monster AI books!

Finlay and Dix cover

Artificial Intelligence
Janet Finlay, Alan Dix
Taylor & Francis Books Ltd
amazon link
book web site

A smaller (and cheaper) book. Janet and I wrote this some years ago to act as an introductory text as there were loads of Bible-sized AI tecxtbooks, but nothing more lightweight. It does get into detail, but doesn't give as much on each point as a bigger textbook ... Also available in Japanese!

Other books refered to in lectures

Scheme and Lisp

Natural language Processing

GAs and things