Human-Computer Interaction
post-millennial models

Alan Dix

Week 1: 19-23 May 2003

basics of HCI and cognition  details ...
Tues 20th am and pm
  lightening introduction
  vision 3D and colour

Week 2: 26-30 May 2003

system definition strand  details ...
Mon 26th pm and Tues 27th am and pm
  understanding state
  physical­logical mappings
  continuous interaction and time
  formal interaction modelling
human context strand  details ...
Wed 21st am, Thurs 22nd pm and Fri 23rd pm
  task analysis
  rich work ecologies
  understanding interaction
at the edge  details ...
Thurs 29th am and pm
  designing experience
  innovation and creativity


finally after 2 weeks of Alan, Rome goes absolutely crackers

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