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Alan in Australia I am a computing professor at Birmingham University (form 1st Feb, previously Lancaster) [my academic home page] and researcher at Talis Ltd. and work on most things that connect people and computers. However, I started off (years ago) as mathematician and this is still my academic first love! (read about me at the maths olympiad in 1978)

I also have a big HCI text book (HCI = human computer interaction) and a little AI one (AI = alien intelligence??)

Although I’ve spent a good part of my life in England I am actually a Welshman and have all the nationalism of an ex-pat.  However, I now  live on Tiree, a little island  off the west coast of Scotland.  If you want to come to share the scenery and run a twice yearly event, Tiree Tech Wave, for making and talking abut technology.

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  2. Hi Alan. I am working for the BBC on a campaign called, ‘Give An Hour’ where we are encouraging people to give up 1hr of their time to help someone with the Internet. I’d love to chat to you about the mobile app you have been commissioned to make about the island of Tiree. If you could email me today that would be great. Henry

  3. Hi Alan

    Hope you are well and recovered from the Ultra. I am taking part this year and have a question, if you don’t mind … Do you have any idea long do we have to complete the course?

    I didn’t want to bother Will so early in proceedings. 🙂

    Have a great weekend,

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