Efficient Binary Transfer of Pointer Structures

Alan Dix


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Full reference:

I. Toyn and A. J. Dix (1994).
Efficient Binary Transfer of Pointer Structures.
Software Practice and Experience, 24(11): 1001-1023.
DOI: 10.1002/spe.4380241103.

Keywords Pointer structure, Lazy transfer, Distributed system, Inter-process communication, Remote procedure call, Cadiz


This paper presents a pair of algorithms for output and input of pointer structures in binary format. Both algorithms operate in linear space and time. They have been inspired by copying garbage collection algorithms, and make similar assumptions about the representations of pointer structures.

In real programs, the transfer of entire pointer structures is often inappropriate. The algorithms are extended to transfer partitions of a pointer structure lazily: the receiver requests partitions when it needs them.

A remote procedure call mechanism is presented that uses the binary transfer algorithms for communicating arguments and results. A use of this as an enabling mechanism in the implementation of a software engineering environment is discussed.


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