Alan Dix - research and innovation techniques
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Idea List

idea!solutionsAlan says
ian is.1 chocolate blow-lamp nozzle
ian is.2 rocket engine in a Volkswagen (and it happened)
ian is.3 cows that fart more methane
11.1Glass Hammer**2
11.2Concrete Parachute
11.3Peep Toe Wellingtons
11.4Chocolate Fireguard
11.5ciggarette lighter for a glider
11.6laptop with a built in A0 flat bed scannergroup 5
11.7scuff rail for a pair of suede shoes
11.8office desk which doubles as an ironing board
11.9screw driver and combined paint brush
11.10inflatable celler
11.11combined pencil and lump hammer
11.12a dog fitted with wheels
11.13fluted waste paper bin with coffee cup holder
11.14Goretex water proof filing cabinate
carryall for hiking boots, walking stick and
rucksack (for those long journies)
11.16perspex Venetian blinds**3
11.17Artificially intelligent toilet
11.18inflatable radiator
22.1Wildebeest Erection System (full description)BYZANTINE
33.1A three-way mirror
(watching them, watching you, watching them)
33.2A multi-ball football game
(three balls on the pitch at the same time)
33.3A bad ideas generator
(nothing else is necessary)
44.1Teflon-coated truck tires
44.2Un-bouncy ping-pong balls
44.3Printer ink that doesn't set fast to the paper
44.4Helium-filled space-hopper
44.5Metronome with a randomly irregular time between beats
44.6'Noisy telephone'
A telephone where you can only hear the person at the
other end while you are making sufficient noise at your end
44.7Royal mail stamps that are sticky on both sides
44.8Water-soluable teabag paper
44.9Glow-in-the-dark pillow-cases and bedclothes
44.10Porous coffee cup**group 5
44.11soluble swimming costumesRUDE
44.12water proof tea strainer
44.13heat resistant sauce pan
44.14unbreakable plates in a greek restaurant.
44.15Helecopter ejector seat
(i.e. you eject out and get chopped up by the blades rotating)
44.16Clap activated stereo
44.17etch-a-sketch chequebook group 6
55.1opaque light blub
55.2flameproof firelighters **group 6
66.16 foot bonsai tree
66.2clockwork car
66.3sand-encrusted toilet paperCRUDE!
66.4invisible TV**7
77.1tin-can IP
use IP protocol over a string tied between two cans
for "telephone" communication
77.2intelligent shoes
shoes with weather forecasts and town maps
77.3disposable computers
77.4artificial darknessgroup 5SURREAL
77.5oxygen-powered PCs