AI for HCI
Could this be a better title if I’d asked ChatGPT

Alan Dix

Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, UK

Seminar in Pisa, Italy, 11th June 2024

AI has entered into all aspects of life. Sometimes this is hidden, below the surface of the devices and applications we use; sometimes much more explicit in interactions with devices and user interfaces. In this talk I'll explore some of the ways in which AI can be used to enhance existing interactions and also how we can effectively design user interfaces for A-rich systems. In addition I can be used by UX designers and AI developers need better ways to interact with their tools and systems. Perhaps more fundamental is not the direct effects of AI, but the ways in which it is fundamentally changing the society and world in which we live.






TANGO – it takes two to tango – a synergistic approach to human-machine decision making. An EU Horizon funded project

Alan Dix 10/6/2024