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Alan Dix

Masterclass: From Formalism to Physicality part of UPC North: Understanding People and Computers, UCLanc, Preston, 30th April 2008. 


This is a masterclass I delivered as part of the UPC North organised by Janet Read and others in 2008.


  1. from formalism to physicality – introduction
    slides (PDF, 188K)
  2. what is formal? – finger counting to abstract concepts
    slides (PDF, 451K)
  3. a brief history of formalism – from Aristotle to Alan Turing
    slides (PDF, 636K)
  4. using formalism in HCI – from cognitive models to placemats
    slides (PDF, 141K)  
  5. dialogue notations – what to do when
    slides (PDF, 684K)
  6. modelling state – looking within
    slides (PDF, 236K)
  7. formal methods in HCI – a success story
    slides (PDF, 343K)
  8. interaction models – talking generally
    slides (PDF, 410K)
  9. formal futures – ubiquity and physicality
    slides (PDF, 1Mb)


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