Alan Dix's short courses and tutorials

UNIX Power Tools

(first delivered while at School of Computing, Huddersfield University)

You can download the complete notes (PDF, 175K) for this course

Tutor: Alan Dix
Audience: (i) UNIX users wanting to do rapid data manipulation without programming
(ii) UNIX users and administrators wishing to automate repetitive tasks or produce packaged scripts for themselves or other users.
Style: Combination of short lectures and hands-on sessions.
Content: Shell command line: redirection, pipes and here files, environment variables, quotation and wildcards, background processes. Command line tools (wc, cut, paste, tr, sort, find etc) and how to combine them. Shell scripting: command line arguments, control structures, use of test vs. case, tricks and standard shell structures. Programmable/scriptable tools: overview (sed, awk, perl) and focus on awk.
Objective: The attendee should leave the course able to perform non-trivial tasks on-the-fly at the UNIX command line, to understand and modify existing shell and awk scripts and to write their own.
Prerequisites: Some familiarity with using the UNIX shell for simple tasks.
Length: one day
Note: The course is based on Bourne Shell because even at sites where C Shell is standard, it is frequently /bin/sh which is used for scripts. Alan Dix 5/8/98