Alan Dix's short courses and tutorials

Introduction to X Motif

(first delivered while at School of Computing, Huddersfield University)

You can download the complete notes (PDF, 689K) for this course.

Tutors: Alan Dix and Devina Ramduny
Audience: This is a first course for anyone wanting to develop user interfaces under X windows.
Style: Taught as a mixture of short lectures interspersed with hands-on sessions.
Content: Brief history of X Windows. Basic X concepts: ' windows' , X events, network operation and meaning of client/server under X. Layers in X: Xlib, X intrinsics and Motif. The structure of Motif programs and simple widgets. The Motif widget hierarchy, compared with X window hierarchy and Motif run-time hierarchy. Attaching functionality: call-backs and application data structures. The Motif style guide - designing compliant user interfaces.
Objective: The attendee should leave the course able to produce forms-style interfaces under X Motif, including menus, dialogue boxes and other WIMP features.
Prerequisites: Assumes some C programming experience.
Length: Two days.
Note: This course does not cover X toolkit graphics, the use of the resource database or localisation. Alan Dix 5/8/98