Interfaces and Infrastructure for Mobile Multimedia Applications
EPSRC GR/L64140 & GR/L64157

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Alan Dix, 21/2/2002

Ongoing Work

The results of this project have helped inform aspects of a number of other projects at Lancaster including the EPSRC funded GUIDE II and CATS projects. This latter project has provided input to the development of a new application suite by an industrial consortium including Simoco and HW Communications designed to support members of the Ambleside and Langdale Mountain Rescue Team. The resulting application has received significant media attention including regional television coverage (BBC Northwest, Border and Granada).

During the period of the project, Alan Dix was one of the founder directors of aQtive limited, an internet technology startup based largely around agent technology developed at Birmingham University. The theoretical analysis of initiative developed in [23] was used extensively during the re-engineering of the aQtiveSpace agent framework (see aQtive technical report [24]). This commercial work then fed back into the academic arena and an analysis of the aQtiveSpace framework as a basis for visualisation was reported in [25].

One of the RAs who was employed on the project, Keith Cheverst, is now the principal investigator on CASCO (GR/R54200/01). The prime objective of the CASCO project (Investigating Contaxt Aware Support for Cooperative Applications in Ubiquitous Computing Environment) is to explore, using a scenario driven approach, the role of context sharing in supporting cooperation in ubiquitous computing environments. One aspect of this is to analyse the effectiveness of a selection of existing and emerging infrastructures for supporting different classes of context-sharing application.