MRes - Collaborative Design Project 2002
septuagenarians the real cyberpunk generation

brief - interfaces for the elderly and their carers

Interfaces for the elderly and their carers

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Elderly people live in a variety of environments: fully independent living in their own homes, purpose built developments, sheltered housing, residential care and hospital or nursing care. They are amongst the earliest users of real home monitoring and automation devices. In addition. many already use some form of remote communication, for example emergency pull-cords that establish a link to a call centre or warden. The septuagenarians are the real cyberpunk generation.

The project will focus on elderly people who require some form of carer. Again there are a range of carers: relatives, call centres, full-time wardens.

Assistive technology can help the elderly lead more independent lives. It can also help to reduce some of the costs of care, for example allowing remote monitoring and thus reducing the need for residential wardens.

The project will consist of two design teams. One will design an interface for the elderly themselves, the other an interface for their carers. The interface for the elderly will include control of assistive devices and communications, especially emergency communication. The two teams will need to collaborate to establish a common scope and to develop interfaces that are compatible.