MRes - Collaborative Design Project 2002
septuagenarians the real cyberpunk generation

reporting points

Interfaces for the elderly and their carers

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reporting points
assessment criteria
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reports - what goes where
where to describe the design process


The project will have 3 reporting points at 3, 6 and 10 weeks. The first two will be a report of work in progress, but will not be assessed. The first reporting point must include a project management and development plan and statement of scope as well as reporting on other activities.

The 10 week reporting point will be a presentation by each group of their design and design process and will be assessed (as per the module spec). At a later date to be agreed, each student will hand in an individual report on their group's design and an essay on the group design process, again as described in the module specification.

(Note, the scoping is largely about what kind of care situation will be covered, but could include, by mutual agreement of the teams and supervisors, a different separation of activities between the teams, so long as it allows independent working between the teams.)