MRes - Collaborative Design Project 2002
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Interfaces for the elderly and their carers

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It is likely that many of you will have relatives who fit into one of the above categories.


Lancaster is on of the partners in DIRC (Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability of Computer-Based Systems) a large multi-site project on dependability. DIRC has just started a sub-project looking at dependable computing within the domestic environment, focused especially on the elderly. There is a full time researcher, Guy Dewsbury, working in this area and also Mark Rouncefield has worked in related areas.

The DIRC website has general info, but the domestic project is too new to have been included (at least when I looked).

Other sources

The EQUAL Research Network
A UK-wide EPSRC funded Network for Extending Quality Life of Older People and Disabled People
MHA, UK's largest non-governmental residential agency
it has a good 'links' page, but is a framed site, so I can't link to it :-(/dd>
Centre for Policy on Ageing
another great site for web navigation critique ... partially framed!
see especially the AgeInfo part which has lots of links in the UK and world-wide
Help the Aged - aimed at older people in the community
SMART thinking - a Smart Home technology consultancy based an Robert Gordan University
the site includes sections on disability and on Smart Home technology as well as extensive links and material related to various smart home projects.