MSc HCI / MRes AID course

Alan Dix



planned course topics

bread and butter
basic UI design
human cognition etc.
cognitive models
task analysis
dialogue and notations
UI architecture

3D vision
2D & 3D visualisation
mixed reality
web/mobile arch.


topics covered

basic UI design (excluding event-based implemention)
this was a lightening overview of UI design and covers a lot of ground thinly
in HCI book most relevant chapters are 1 and 3
also see my short tutorial article for Assembly Automation
lots about colour theory at
see sub-course page for slides in PPT and HTML
3D vision
little bit about this in HCI chapter 1, but previously I've found the slides are fairly self-explanatory
slides in HTML or PPT (156K)
3D visualisation
see section 15.11 of HCI (2nd edition)
slides in HTML or PPT (411K)
task analysis
focused on Hierarchcial Task Analysis (HTA)
see chapter 7 of HCI and HTA chapter in 'Perspectives'
slides in PPT (178K)
web architectures
see my Interfaces tutorial article on the Active Web
slides in HTML or PPT (259K)
dialogue notations
see chapter 8 of HCI
slides in PPT (259K)
2D visualisation
based on paper 'starting simple' given at AVI'98
see also the dancing histogram
slides in HTML or PPT (7.8Mb)
dialogue and state modelling exercise
see again chapter 8 and also chapter 9 of HCI
slides of chapter 9 in PPT (1.45Mb)
exercises come from my HCI'96 tutorial - part 1 (PDF)
see also my formal methods topics page
critique of ideas
see the notes from the CSEG awayday 'silly ideas' session
also my more extensive notes on research techniques
UI architectures
see chapter 10 of HCI
slides on Seeheim, MVC etc. in HTML or PPT (89K)
slides from mini-UI course on event-based implementation in HTML or PPT (57K)



Human-Computer Interaction second edition. A. Dix, J. Finlay, G. Abowd and R. Beale. Prentice Hall, 1998.
Main course text. Referred to simply as 'HCI' above. Book website at includes some web links and also a full on-line search facility for the book.
not to be confused with ...
Human-Computer Interaction. J. Preece, Y. Rogers, Helen Sharp, D. Benyon, Simon Holland and T. Carey. Addison Wesley, 1994. Prentice Hall, 1998.
Our arch rival ... but very good despite that - darn! Interviews are really fun. Harder to find things than in our book, but with more in-depth discursive treatment of some topics. Lots more piccies than we have as well.
Perspectives on HCI, A. Monk and N.Gilbert, Academic Press, 1995
Chapters by indivual experts, writing aimed at a mixed audience. Includes chapters on formal methods (me!), task analysis, cognitive modelling etc.