Where, Who, Why? Tools to Encourage Design In Context

Alan Dix1, Anna Carter1 and Miriam Sturdee2

1 Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales, UK
2 Lancaster University, UK

In 3rd Annual ACM SIGCHI Symposium on HCI Education (EduCHI 2021).

Download position paper (PDF, 3.26Mb)


We need to teach our students 360-degree design, taking into account the physical and social context in which their designs are placed in addition to the screens or aural interactions users have with them. Unfortunately, the dominant tools in current UX practice are focused almost entirely on the screen. We want to understand the requirements for next generation design tools, and to take steps to fill the void. This snapshot of work in progress presents some examples that are driving our thinking, early prototypes of tool concepts, and our current work engaging with designers, developers and other stakeholders.

Keywords: user-experience design, user interface design, prototyping, design tools, storyboard, wireframe, HCI education









Alan Dix 8/4/2021