Research Techniques

Alan Dix
Lancaster University


This document was originally written to support a lecture on "Research Techniques" given to final year undergraduates while I was at the University of Huddersfield. Since then I have used the basic material with some variations to undergraduate, masters and PhD students. Although these notes were written with the original audience in mind, I hope that some of the ideas will also be of use students elsewhere including those undertaking MSc projects, PhD studies or doing research in general.


Introduction - what is research
test-tubes, librarys, surveys and newspapers; studying other peoples work and doing your own
Other people's work - what they write
CD-ROM, books, Internet, journals and manuals - finding, filtering and filing
Other people's work - what they say
people your biggest resource ... and asking a centipede how to walk
Other people's work - what they make
knowledge in things, what is good and why, and avoiding crocophants
Your own work
analysis, taxonomies, bright ideas and "spaghetti bolognese without the Parmesan"
And finally

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Alan Dix 12/8/97