Second Edition

An introduction to
Alan Dix with Janet Finlay


These are some of the topics I’m considering for the new edition, but this may change as things develop – so please let me know what you think!

deep learning – multi-level NN, reinforcement learning, adversarial learning

dimension reduction – classic factorial and similarity matrix decompositions,  restricted Boltzmann machines, random vectors

explainable AI – argumentation, deep learning and black-box ML, sensitivity/perturbation analysis

human-centred AI – bias (gender, ethnic), need for transparency, augmentation vs replacement, IUI, designing interactions to aid ML

big data – recommenders, surprising power (e.g. language), map-reduce, limits and links to HPC, large network analysis

in the world – more robots, autonomous vehicles, smart homes, smart cities

temporal AI – recurrent NN, HMM, applications: language, activity recognition, security, continuous data (e.g. GAs for ODEs)

human-like computing – one shot learning, higher-level AI, links to explainability

practicalities – data cleaning, reconciliation, mixed methods

plus –  spiking NN, algebraic topology and other new techniques, ontologies and sem-web for knowledge representation, update ethics/legal/philosophical

case studies – small (1-2 page) boxes or in text – maybe over time add longer case studies to web: onCue, GA for submarine design, musicology data, AlphaGo, Watson, QbB, find security example, predictive policing?