Second Edition

An introduction to
Alan Dix with Janet Finlay

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

Part I – Knowledge-Based AI

2.  Knowledge in AI

3. Reasoning

4.  Search

Part II  – Data and Learning

5. Machine learning

6. Neural Networks

7.  Statistical and Numerical Techniques

8. Going Large: deep learning and big data

9. Making Sense of Machine Learning

10. Data Preparation

Part III –  Specialised Areas

11. Game playing

12. Computer vision

13. Natural language understanding

14. Time Series and Sequential Data

15. Planning and robotics

16. Agents

17. Web scale reasoning

Part IV – Humans at the Heart

18. Expert and decision support systems

19. AI working with and for humans

20. When things go wrong

21. Explainable AI

22. Models of the mind – Human-Like Computing

23. Philosophical, ethical and social issues

Part V – Looking Forward

24. Epilogue: what next?

New glossary and table of contents with linked material in progress.