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YONBELL, hill on north boundary of Sandwick parish, Orkney.

YOOLFIELD, place, with spinning-mill, in Kemback parish, Fife.

YTHAN, river, rising 6 miles east-south-east of Huntly, and running deviously to the sea at 12 miles north-north-east of Aberdeen. Its course is prevailingly east-south-eastward ; and its length, as the crow flies, is 23 miles, along its bed nearly 40 miles.

YTHAN-WELLS, quoad sacra parish around source of Ythan river, Aberdeenshire. It consists of parts of Forgue and Auchterless, and its post town is Huntly. Pop. 1315. There are 2 schools for 260 scholars, and 1 of them and an enlargement for 175 are new.


ZETLAND, the Shetland archipelago. It gives, in this form of its name, the title of earl, in peerage of United Kingdom, to the family of Dundas.

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