Publisher’s Preface

THE Publishers have been induced to produce the present Work, from the conviction that it would supply a long-felt want : namely, a Gazetteer of Scotland, extensive enough to embrace every Town and Village in the Country, of any importance, as existing at the present day, and yet portable in form and moderate in price.

To add to the value of the Work, the Census of 1881 was extracted from the Official Returns expressly for it, as the lists to be published would not be available for the earlier portion of the Work, already in the hands of the printer.

Besides the usual information, as to Towns and Places contained in Gazetteers, it gives the Statistics of Real Property, Notices of Public Works, Public Buildings, Churches, Schools, etc.; whilst the Natural History and Historical Incidents, connected with particular localities, have not been omitted.

From the great experience of the Author, who has already compiled several extensive Gazetteers and Topographical works, the Publishers trust that this Work will meet the approbation of the numerous class to which it is addressed.

November, 1882.