Physicians of Myddfai
A tale of sorrow and joy, magic and the harsh realities of a Welsh hill farm, a retelling of the legend of the Lady of Llyn-y-Fan and the origins of the Physicians of Myddfai
anthem of the memory of love
song written when I was young ... about the first time love hurt
a single word spoken softly
folk song written around 1995 for Fiona
between the lines
a web poem, written around 2000
personal recollections
written June 2001 about my visit to Bucharest in 1978 for the 20th International Mathematical Olympiad
Stubniz - this moment lasts forever
ballad written after a trip to Rostock
how can it be
a prayer, July 2002
Christopher's Christmas
a Christmas story, December 2001
dream time
poem - birth, death and life, December 2002
new school
written my first ever sonnet! January 2003
just watching
written on hearing about the loss of the Columbia, 1st February 2003
the carpenter
poem, Easter 2003
poem/prayer, June 2003
dry eyes
poem for the angel of Makalle, January 2004
unnatural winter
written on a flight from Bangelore to Delhi, 29th September 2013


I spend my life writing. but mainly 'work' things - papers, books. However, very occasionally I make words of a different kind.

I'm afraid I don't have the skill to write down the tunes of the songs, but perhaps one day I may.