CHI 2017 Course:  Making Sense of Statistics in HCI: From P to Bayes and Beyond  – Wednesday 10th May 2017

(For those not going to CHI, there will be an early run of the course just before Tiree Tech Wave, Scotland on 22nd March)

Many find statistics confusing, and perhaps more so given recent publicity of problems with traditional p-values and alternative statistical techniques including confidence intervals and Bayesian statistics. This course aims to help attendees navigate this morass: to understand the debates and more importantly make appropriate choices when designing and analysing experiments, empirical studies and other forms of quantitative data.

Outline and full course notes

  • Wild and wide – Exploring at the nature of randomness, uncertainty and ‘distributions’
  • Doing it – Deciding between alternative statistical analyses: the ubiquitous ‘p’ to Bayesian methods.
  • Gaining power – Learning how to design studies to avoid the dreaded ‘too few participants’ problem!
  • So what? – Making sense of the data you get from your studies and avoiding the pitfalls.

Taster video