Tutorial at MobileHCI2020 – Understanding Statistics <see more>

Monday 5th of October 2020, 1pm – 3pm (CEST)

Most participants of MobileHCI will have had to deal with statistics: sometimes formal statistics with tests and probabilities, sometimes informally `eyeballing data’. Even if you do not use statistics in your own work, you are likely to need to interpret the statistics in other people’s papers and reports. This tutorial is intended to help you navigate the often confusing discussions about the use and misuse of statistics, to help you gain a ‘gut feeling’ for statistics and also know when not to trust those instincts. The tutorial builds on the instructor’s recent book “Statistics for HCI” and also extensive freely available videos and other online material.

Master Class — 6th and 7th February 2020  <see more>

Do you find statistics confusing? This 1/2 day course aimed the gap between the ‘how to’ knowledge in basic statistics courses and deep understanding, from traditional hypothesis testing to Bayesian techniques.

This was a ‘master class’ in that many of issues discussed will not be found in a traditional textbook or statistics course – but expressed in ways that do not assume any existing statistical expertise.  It includes aspects of statistical `craft’ skill that you will not find in conventional material.

CHI 2017 Course:  Making Sense of Statistics in HCI: From P to Bayes and Beyond  <see more>

The site initially supported a short course running at CHI 2017 on 10th May 2017, at Denver, USA (with early run before Tiree Tech Wave, Scotland on 22nd March), and the course pages include full videos and notes of this course.  The video material will eventually end up (better edited!) as a supported course at Interaction Design Foundation.