This workshop ran in 2016 as part of the HCI Educators series at AVI 2016, exploring the challenges for human-computer interaction at a time of radical educational change.

Education is changing:  MOOCs, peer learning, OER, flip classroom, learning analytics, …

How do we better design interactions for new educational experiences?  How can these techniques be applied to HCI education?  What does this mean for society?

when:  Tuesday June 7, 2016

where:  Bari, Italy

who: co-chairs: Alan DixAlessio MaliziaSilvia Gabrielli

Education is Changing

While educational technology has a long pedigree, the last few years have seen dramatic changes. These have included the rise and institutionalisation of MOOCs, and other web-based initiatives such as Kahn Academy and Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU). Classrooms have also been transformed with growing use of mobile devices and forms of flipped classroom; and educational progress and engagement has been increasingly measured leading to institutional and individual learning analytics.

Workshop Goals

This workshop seeks to understand the interaction of these issues with human–computer interaction in a number of ways:

  • what HCI has to contribute to these educational changes in terms of the design of authoring and learning platforms, and the wider socio-political implications of increasingly metric-driven governance?
  • how will these changes affect HCI education?

Together practice-based and theoretical approaches will help us build a clear understanding of the current state and future challenges for educational technology and HCI.