HCIed2016 Programme

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Rough day plan

Tuesday 7th June 2016


8:00 — registration opens

9:00 — workshop start

  • welcome, plans for the days (30 mins)
  • lightening talks/introductions (3-5 mins each)

11:00–11:30 — break

  • if necessary finish lightening talks (max 30mins)
  • initial short small group session with feedback to identify themes, issues and open questions (1 hour)

13:00—14:30 — lunch


14:30 — restart

  • rapid small group discussions based on themes (30 mins)
  • plenary feedback and discussion session (30 mins)
  • remix groups and second group discussions based on themes (30 mins)

16:00–16:30 — break

  • second plenary feedback session (30 mins)
  • open discussion (30 mins)
  • future plans and wind up (30 mins)

18:00 — end of workshop

evening — for those who would like to eat together we will liaise with the conference organisers to make a group restaurant booking for dinner

Preparing for Lightening talks

Ideally you’ll all have read each other’s position papers by then, but of course won’t recall the details!

So really three things to think about:
  1. reminder of main points of position paper
  2. why you are at the workshop, your personal interests and drivers
  3. any questions, open issues, etc. that you want to raise
We hope that the value of the workshop is in the discussions (the work bit!), so (2) and (3) are more important than (1), although of course (1) already has aspects of (2&3) anyway.