Alan Dix

alan-128Alan Dix (co-chair)

HCI Centre, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK

about Alan

Alan is a Professor in the HCI Centre at the University of Birmingham. He has worked in human–computer interaction research since the mid 1980s, is the author of one of the major international textbooks on HCI [9] and author of approximately 500 research publications covering topics from formal methods to creativity. In 2013 he produced an HCI MOOC that is now hosted at and the materials reused for flip class teaching. In the same year he walked 1000 miles round the coast of Wales; the outcomes of which have included a case study of the educational use of the data gathered during the walk in the Open Knowledge Foundation book on “Open Data as Open Educational Resources”.
Alan’s workshop and conference organisation has included the AVI 2016 workshop on HCI and the Educational Technology Revolution #HCIEd, predecessor of the one hereby proposed.

Alan also organised the AVI 2012 workshop on “Infrastructure and design challenges of coupled display visual interfaces”, a 2012 Dagstuhl seminar on “Interaction Beyond the Desktop”, a workshop (with Silvia Gabrielli) on “Learning and Human-Computer Interaction” at Interact 2005, chairing the British HCI conference in 1995 and HCIEducators conference in 2007, and an occasional conference series on Physicality. He also runs the twice-yearly workshop “Tiree Tech Wave” encouraging researchers, technologists, artists and makers to experience and think about the design issues of marginal communities.

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