Parallel Video/Slide Player

viewing and navigating recorded talks

Slide images are replayed side-by-side with video allowing two-way navigation: slides change in time with the video and selecting a slide snaps to the relevant point in the video.

See an example here:

This feature was available in the groundbreaking Classroom2000/eClass project in the late-1990s, but seemed to have been forgotten when lecture recording became common.

In the player above the slides on the left change as the video plays, but it is also possible to navigate the slides using their own forward and back controls, or by looking through the ‘film roll’ on the bottom for the slide you want.

I’ve used this ‘in production’ for several of my own talks, listed here:

The configuration is via a GoogleDoc spreadsheet, which is then read near-live (cached to avoid too many hits on Google Drive), so that edits to the configuration tables are reflected in the published version.