online image manipulation

I was looking around for online image manipulation programs. I found a few and all seemed quite basic (no real turbocharged web2.0 one), but iaza caught my eye … basic but lots of pictures of the site developer’s Tibetan spaniel Niro!
IAZA - image manipulation and cute doggies!

The other one that seemed interesting was wiredness which is quite basic in functionality, but clearly aiming to be zappy in its interface … and has an API so you can send images to it from other sites for manipulation (what I was looking for).

4 thoughts on “online image manipulation

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  2. that is the cutest dog i have EVER seen! tibs are the very best! and thanks for that iaza site. We used it for a avatar project it seems basic at first cuz it looks so simple but it really has loads of stuff and works really fast. there should be more sites like that

  3. Thanks Cindy, actually I am really a dog hater who has been converted by Tansy, our Tibetan – see my ‘more tibbies’ post … but she isn’t really purple, and Teasel, a Bernese Mounain Dog that died a few years ago. Now I find myself smiling at strange dogs and even talking to them … very worrying.

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