Childhood dreams: Randy Pausch’ last lecture

Last week a link to Randy Pausch‘s last lecture “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” was posted on the CPHC mailing list. The lecture happened last September, so many of you will have seen this already, but I had not.

If I browse web stuff at all it is always a quick skim, certainly for videos, but with theses to read, marking to do, emails to answer … still this I had to watch end to end.

Randy Pausch final lecture

It is the most inspiring and challenging thing I have seen for years. While I have known aspects of Randy’s work, I don’t recall having met him in person, but he seems a truly remarkable man. While many achieve their dreams by trampling on the dreams of others, here is someone succeeding whilst building up those around him.

One thought on “Childhood dreams: Randy Pausch’ last lecture

  1. Thanks for posting this Alan
    A good tonic for a winter afternoon – thanks Randy for inspiring on many levels.


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