i-USEr 2010 – a new conference in Malaysia

In December I’m going to be out in the far east talking at the First International Conference on User Science and Engineering (i-USEr) 2010, a new conference being launched in Malaysia. Looking forward to seeing old friends there and meeting new.  If you fancy a break from the winter rain then the call for papers is out with deadline 1st July.

5 thoughts on “i-USEr 2010 – a new conference in Malaysia

  1. Hi Alan,
    I tried to download the IEEE template for the paper but the link provided at the conference website doesn’t work.
    Where else can I find it?

  2. I did find the template in the IEEE site, however it is not clear to me whether there are any other constraints, possibly set by the conference organisers (such as number of pages).

  3. I’m afraid I don’t know Adriana – I’m speaking there but not involved in the organisation. However, I’ve asked one of the organisers to add a comment here to let you know.

  4. Hi Alan and Adriana,

    The maximum number of pages is 8. We will use IEE template. At the moment, the link is still disabled. I’ll update this and inform you asap.



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