intellectual property issues in dreams

Had an active night of dreams last night, but my favourite point was in some sort of workshop, where we had clearly put slides on the web and someone said that we had had a ‘cease and desist’ request concerning one of the slides.   They showed me the web page with the comment below.  Unfortunately, I never seem to be able to read text on the web so first two words of the comment are interpolated, but the last part is verbatim:

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.      . Prior art  O  : – )

If the person who left the comment on the blog in my dreams is out there — good on you!

One thought on “intellectual property issues in dreams

  1. While it wasn’t me Alan, given that I have had some long interest in Dream Interpretation, I will give it a crack just for fun (at the significant chance of being well off target, given that I don’t know several things of relevance, namely: a). The personal meaning that ‘you’ attach to certain objects, shapes, words and expressions.
    b). I don’t know the actual events that happened in your life in the day or days just before the dream – i.e. ‘the context’ of your dream… So I can only run with archetypes and other symbology:

    If it was a strong/impacting dream, it probably has multiple overlying meanings to you, that make it so. So the following possible interpretations, are possibly independent and overlay one another and most probably others.
    1. Zero, as the first abstract number ever invented, is symbolic for ‘the Abstract’/’the Idea’/’the Symbolic’ itself.
    The ‘Comment’, being number ‘1’, is sequentially the first concept after ‘0’ – and, given that this ‘new idea’, ‘1’, comes after the original idea ‘0’ and is built upon it, it is then a target for legal action against it. [The smiley face? – just reaffirming that our symbolic knowledge came before syntactic ability, perhaps? And/or, just some satisfaction about the sheer cleverness of that very short dream, compounded with so much meaning?]. Emphasising what an ungenerous thing Intellectual Property laws really are.
    2. The ‘square’ as a symbol for the logical/rational part of Self, actually overlays the ‘circle’, a symbol for ‘the whole’ person. Or does it mean the rational encloses/protects the whole?
    3. Further, if one considers ‘the web’ as an analogy of Jung’s ‘Collective Unconscious’ – as inherited unconscious mind we all inherit, in real-time – then, putting the ‘slide’ upon it, is a presentation of some idea of yours, on that web so that others may see it (of which your actually posting of the dream on the www, is a physical enactment of this particular interpretation).
    So, somebody, writing a ‘comment’ on your space in ‘that’ web, is ‘Against the Law’! i.e. If one asks the legal representatives about an ability to write ‘comments’ on other peoples part of that ‘web’ – they say ‘It cannot be done!’ or ‘It should not be done!’ Who are those ‘legal representatives’? Scientists, perhaps?: “That is an ‘Intellectual Property’ that we don’t have!”, says they. Analytical Psychologists, maybe? – who say that any interpretation that involves the idea that information inherent in ones dream as coming from ‘someone else’ – is merely a misunderstanding of it being simply ones projection of things upon someone else, that it really is, since: “All meanings within dreams are really about the dreamer themselves, in some way. As are interpretations of it, about the interpreter.” – says they.
    The Dreamer would have an idea of who exactly the legal representatives are in this case. … and, if they are Psychologists they would say that this actual interpretation here of ‘mine’, upon ‘your’ dream, is just such an example of what they mean!

    As for ‘cease and desist’ – its always struck me as an interesting phrase. Its obviously ‘threatening future action’ when used in legal terms. The fact that the letters can be easily rearranged to include ‘deceased’ underlines it as a Threat. If those words were actually used in the dream, then they could be seen as a Warning, along the lines of “There, there be Dragons!’

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