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The website,, went live last week for the (free!) open online HCI course I posted about a few weeks ago (“mooHCIc – a massive open online HCI course“).  Over the summer we will be adding more detailed content and taster material, however, crucially, it already has a form to register interest.  Full registration for the course will open in September ready for tyhe course start in October, but if you register at the site now we will be able to let you know when this is available, and any other major developments (like when taster videos go online :-))  Even if you have already emailed, Twitter messaged or Facebook-ed me to say you are interested, do add yourself online in case the combination of my memory and organisation fails :-/

4 thoughts on “Open HCI course website live

  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to register in your course because I am so interesting in it. I am working on interfaces and applications for people with disabilities. I consider that your course can be very interesting for it. Besides, I work in applications for bioengineering.


  2. Will be grew to have you on the course Cristina.

    Just go to the website and fill in the form (just four items to fill in: name, email, country and whether you are student/academic/etc.).

    Here is direct link to the registration form:

    Currently this is an expression of interest, but we will then let you know when the course system itself goes online (sometime in September ready for course start in October).

    Also there is a blog on the course site too:

    at present this is mainly about my efforts to get video cameras, microphones, etc. working (!), but will have more about content and taster material over the coming month.

    In fact, there is even one video already available (my first ever!) with support materials on HCI book web site:

    But I am still learning myself about this side of things!

  3. I’m a graduate CS student interested in HCI and Ubiquitous Computing. Just discovered your website and course and am excited to read your posts.
    I have also registered interest on the hcicourse page. Thanks for doing this!
    Shimona Carvalho

  4. thanks Shimona, took a peek at your blog and in particular like your summary of the 447 crash. The use of set and leave controls is understandable, but the fact that these don’t power the other yoked controls astounding, as you note this is bound to undermine a common understanding of the situation on the cockpit.

    In the first unit for the online course (not available yet!) I mention that ‘poor usability kills’, giving example of medical instrument, but also mentioning air safety in passing. Your entry is a great example of this.

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