wall building – is this ordinary life?

On Saturday I ‘only’ did 2 or 3 hours work, on Sunday ‘only’ about 8 hours and yesterday, Monday, ‘only’ 8 hours … and spent the rest of the time wall building in the garden :-)  With that and two evenings last week when I had left the office ‘early’ at 7pm, I have about 20 foot of wall over 18 inches high.  The wall is built of small stones scavenged from the soil as I dug and moved it about over the last few years (there is a lot of stones in our garden!), so actually a lot of work behind 30 square feet of wall.

I have got so used to 24/7 working that I have entirely forgotten what it is like to simply take a little time not at the computer, reading papers to review, or in meetings.  After 3 days of what would end up being ‘only’ a 50 hour week it feels like I’ve been on holiday for ever!

What has happened to academia that the opposite has become ‘normal’?