A month away brain engaged and blood on the floor

Writing at Glasgow airport waiting for flight home after nearly whole month away. I have had a really productive time first at Talis HQ and Lancs (all in the camper van!) and then visits to Southampton (experience design and semantic web), Athens (ontologies and brain-like computation) and Konstanz (visualisation and visual analytics).

Loads of intellectual stimulation, but now really looking forward to some time at home to consolidate a little.

During my time away I managed to fall downstairs, bleed profusely over the hotel floor, and break a tooth. My belonging didn’t fare any better: my glasses fell apart and my sandals and suitcase are now holding together by threads … So maybe safer at home for a bit!

2 thoughts on “A month away brain engaged and blood on the floor

  1. Hi sir,

    Hope you are okay now.

    I am with the categories right now.


  2. I am fine, it was perhaps not quite as dramatic as it sounds, the blood all came from a tiny cut on my elbow (from the fall) that decided to open up when I showered. It is amazing how much blood can come from such a little wound!

    The broken tooth was actually from biting German bread not the fall in the hotel … although to be fair on the German bread, I think just becasue the tooth was weak anyway by an old filling!

    Enjoy the categories :-/

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