Costa del Muscle – athletic spirit hits the Hebrides

It has been a great (albeit exhausting) week.

Will Wright, fresh back from Spain where he was competing in the Long Distance Triathlon World Championships1, has been working hard to make the rest of Tiree, well, if not as fit as he is, at least fitter then they were before! Continuing the Spanish theme he called it, ominously, “Costa del Muscle”.

Each day last week, twice a day at 9:30 and 5:30, on the sun-drenched mahair of Sandaig, looking out over basking sharks leaping in the seas towards Skerryvore, twenty Tirisdeach2 gathered, from 10 year olds to those in their 60s, from svelte teenagers to those, well, carrying a mite more weight.  The passing minke whale or grey seal, if they had looked towards the shore, would have seen flaying arms in sweat drenched t-shirts, and perhaps catch Will’s cheerful voice, rising over the crash of breakers and faint sound of wheezing breath, announce, “nearly finished the warm up”.

  1. The long distance triathlon is about three times the length of the Olympic triathlon. [back]
  2. Tirisdeach = person of Tiree[back]

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