IE in second place!

Looked at web stats for this blog for first time in ages.  IE is still top browser in raw hits, but between them Firefox and Mozilla  family have 39% above IE at 36%.  Is this just that there are more Mac users amongst HCI people and academics, or is Mozilla winning the browser wars?

Firefox 3 seems to have fixed memory problems

I had been reluctantly considering giving up using Firefox as it crawled to a halt so often on so many sites. To be fair I think it is because I keep lots of tabs open and Firefox did not seem to deal will with pages with many refreshing elements … many air and train ticketing sites were particular problems. However, Firefox 3 has been running continuously for some time now and looking at ‘top’ in terminal window has about 1/3 the real memory footprint compared with Firefox 2 … now it is comparable with Word, Dreamweaver, etc. … I had been sticking with Firefox largely because the Firefox Snip!t bookmarklet works better than the Safari one, so now I can continue to do so without the machine crawling to a halt – well done team Mozilla 🙂